Product Comparison

Product Comparison

ItemSSD Local DiskCloud Block StorageSSD Cloud Block Storage
ScenarioUltra-low delay:Access delay is lower than 1 ms.

High performance:A single disk provides a random capability of about 30,000 IOPS.

I/O intensive services:Supports I/O intensive applications such as NoSQL, MySQL, and distributed file systems.

Single-point risk:It provides reliability of a single physical device. It is recommended that data redundancy be conducted at the application layer to guarantee data availability.


High data reliability:Common Cloud Block Storages use mechanical disks as the storage medium and provides the distributed three copy mechanism, sound data backup, and data restoration within seconds.

Flexible expansion:A maximum of 10 Cloud Block Storages can be mounted to a single virtual machine, achieving a capacity of 40 TB. The Cloud Block Storage can be freely mounted and unmounted with no need of shutting down/restarting CVMs. The capacity of the Cloud Block Storage can be flexibly configured and expanded as required.

It is applicable to low-load services.


High performance and high data reliability:The SSD Cloud Block Storage uses the full SSD as the storage medium. It is applicable to high-load core key service systems. It provides three copies of data redundancy, sound data backup, snapshot, second-level data restoration, and up to 99.999999% data reliability.

Core service database:The SSD Cloud Block Storage provides exclusive and stable high I/O performance service, and supports medium- and large-sized relational databases with millions of lines, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB.

Big data analysis:It provides TB-level distributed data processing capabilities and is applicable to data analysis, mining, and business intelligence.


Specifications250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 1.5 TB, 3 TB and other specifications10 GB to 4000 GB. A single CVM supports a maximum of 40 TB.250GB to 4000 GB. A single CVM supports a maximum of 40 TB.
Peak throughput performance280MB/s70MB/s260MB/s
Peak random IOPS performance300003000The high-performance SSD complies with the NVMe standard and a single Cloud Block Storage supports a random performance of 24,000 IOPS.
Access delay0.1-1msLess than 10 ms0.5-2ms
PriceAnnual/monthly fee: RMB 0.8/GB/month

Pay-by-traffic: RMB 0.332/Hour/100GB


Annual/monthly fee: RMB 0.3/GB/month

Pay-by-traffic: RMB 0.042/Hour/100GB


Annual/monthly fee: RMB 1.1/GB/month

Pay-by-traffic: RMB 0.332/Hour/100GB